VHM – Piston kit, YZ125 2005- (20mm small end bearing)

1,449kr inkl. moms

VHM pistons are 100% CNC machined from high quality material and have a non-circular profile to better prevent engine lockups. They stand for high performance, longevity and keeping high performance during it’s lifetime. This piston consists of an inside coating, which reduces micro welding, lowers the friction on the pin, prevents piston bore galling and provides a very good thermal conduction. Furthermore, this piston includes special Z-clips, which prevents the clips from circling and affecting the groove.

  • High performance
  • Direct replacement
  • Inside coating and special Z-clips
  • Longevity
  • Keeps high performance during lifetime

This piston needs a clearance of 0.05mm! Use 20mm wide small end bearing

Version – Direct replacement
Piston crown shape – Flat top 12°
Bore size – Ø54
Piston pin – Ø15
Stroke – 2T
Coating – Yes
Piston-cylinder clearance [mm] – 0.05
Piston ring end gap [mm] – 0.35+0.10
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