S-Tech (ESJOT) – O-ring, 520x118L


S-TECH off-road chain – Extra reinforced O-RING chain 520O – 118 links High-strength premium off-road chain with excellent resistance to peak tension. Specially designed for tough off-road use – an optimal combination of high tensile strength and low weight. State-of-the-art manufacturing processes guarantee exceptionally precise manufacturing quality. Wear-resistant and high-alloy steels ensure a very long service life and minimal stretching of the chain. Sealing of the bearing points with O-rings for permanent lubrication and thus reduced wear. The quality of S-TECH chains meets or exceeds OEM requirements. Properties: Super reinforced design with smooth-running properties Very high tensile strength (3400 kg) for maximum loads and low wear Precise manufacturing quality – all sleeves and rollers are drawn seamlessly Use of low-abrasion, high-alloy steels Sealing of the bearing points with O-rings -> for long-lasting lubrication

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