Putoline – N-Tech Pro R+ Off Road (15W-50), 1L


N-TECH® PRO R+ OFF ROAD 15W-50 is the most advanced, fully synthetic 4-stroke engine oil ever produced by Putoline Oil. Contains the unique N-TECH® additive system. N-TECH® PRO R+ OFF ROAD engine oil guarantees:

  • Unsurpassed wet clutch performance and grip
  • Extremely low wear for engine and transmission
  • Minimal oil consumption
  • Excellent viscosity properties even at low temperatures, which significantly prevents wear on cold starts
  • Excellent cleaning properties ensures long-term and optimum engine performance
  • Excellent lubrication properties throughout the entire service life This fully synthetic 4-stroke motorcycle engine oil has been designed particularly for off road and competition motorcycles that perform under the most demanding conditions.


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