NILS – Fork X (4W)


FORK X is a synthetic lubricant with a very high viscosity index. It has been developed for the latest generation forks, where a specific viscosity equal to SAE 4W is prescribed. Tested in various motorcycle competitions, this fluid is able to ensure regular and constant operation in any operating condition. FORK X thanks to its exclusive formulation can guarantee: perfect lubrication and best flowability; a high dissipation of the heat generated in the uses can be extreme; a perfect release of air and a very low foam formation inside the suspension. FORK X contains a selected package of base oils and additives that protects moving parts from wear and corrosion. FORKX is perfectly compatible with the wide range of elastomers used for this type of application, ensuring a longer life. FORK X is a lubricant suitable for all suspensions equipped with a hydraulic cartridge but also suitable for those that do not have one. FORK X has been developed to meet the latest technical specifications required for the new generation of forks, suitable for new motorcycles and new driving styles, which require special formulations to guarantee constant fluency in all conditions of use. FORK X has been perfected and tested by collaborating with the best teams in the world in various types of competitions. FORK X is not miscible with other oils of other brands or different viscosities.

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