Motool – Digital Sag Scale V2


Setting your sag is the simplest, most overlooked adjustment that you can make to drastically improve the handling of your bike. It´s also the most important step in setting up your suspension for your weight and ability. Checking your sag regularly and adjusting it for different conditions is key to getting the most out of your bikes suspension and assure it handles as intended. For faster tracks you can run more sag to make the bike more stable and on tighter tracks you can run less sag so the bike turns better. Once you get this setting right you will be amazed at how well your bike handles. Check it often and always measure it according to the owners manual or you can use a purpose built system like the Slacker digital sag scale to eliminate any guesswork. Slacker is an easy to use system that allows a person to quickly and easily make precise adjustments to their bike´s suspension. It was developed over the course of two years with input from industry leaders like Factory Connection, Pro Circuit and MB1 Suspension to assure the accuracy, consistency and reliability of the tool.

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