Merge Racing Technologies – Pressure Spring (WP/Showa), Rising Rate



The majority of current off-road motorcycles have a closed cartridge fork that works much like a rear shock absorber. When the fork is compressed, the damper shaft enters the cartridge body and a volume of oil equal to the volume of the shaft is displaced into an upper chamber. The upper chamber has a floating piston which stops the oil from exiting the cartridge. Force is applied to the floating piston by the pressure spring, the stronger the spring the more resistance on the damper rod. This resistance is known as compression damping. The Merge RRS system uses unique winding methods to produce a pressure spring which gets much stiffer in the end of the stroke where you need it, “Rising Rate”, much like a linkage on the rear suspension and unlike conventional progressive springs.

The Merge RRS simply provides resistance or compression damping at the end of the stroke to help prevent bottoming, and less resistance at the top of the stroke to help absorb those square edged bumps, rocks and roots.

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