Lainer – WP + Schrader Valve charging Tool


Combo tools to refill the nitrogen in all shock absorbers.

  • Schrader valve Nitrogen charging tool:

Handy tool to pressurize every shock with schrader valve.

The double piston system allowes to enter the gas in to the tank with the valve open, so you can optimize the perfect pressure inside the shock absorber. It’s perfect also to charge the nitrogen inside the new generation AIr front forks. It’s delivered complete of hose and connectors.

  • WP Nitrogen charging tool:

Portable nitrogen charging system for all WP shock absorbers, included latest models up to 2020 and WP TRAX.

Alluminum jaws grip on side of the original piggy Back and a system of pression chamber allows to insert inside the nitrogen. At the end a handy knob allows to close the M5 bolt.

Designed and Made in Italy by Lainer Suspension Racing.

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