Krooztune – WP AER35 Air to spring conversion, KTM/HVA 65cc


Fjäder medföljer för 30-40kg.

Air to spring conversion to suit WP AER35.   KTM-HSQ-GAS 65cc bikes

This fork works in conjunction with the OEM single spring (RHS) / air (LHS) setup , transforming this forks action and returning it to a more conventional ‘dual’ spring fork.

The oem system is great for adjusting from soft to hard but simply has too much fork stiction ( due to the large Air piston)  and poor performance for the light weight 50 and 65cc racers.  Our spring conversion Eliminates the need to constantly check air pressure and returns the WP 35 fork back to a smooth operation as to be expected for light weight riders, improving turns, tyre grip and less front end wash outs.

Available with a single spring to match the oem rate or dual spring to accurately match rider weight.

Spring rate Supplied:

  • 28n – suits rider 30-40kg
  • 30n – suits rider 40kg +
  • 30n Pair – suits rider 40kg + fast rider requiring a fimer front fork

Fits: 50 and 65cc KTM, Husqvarna and Gas Gas 50 and 65cc bikes as below:

KTM – 2017-2021
65 SX

Husqvarna– 2017 – 2021
TC 65

Gas Gas – 2020-

Kit includes :

-ATS hard parts


-Single spring

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