Forksaver – Classic Black (45 to 48mm)


Why use Forksaver?

They are an effective and smart accessory to protect your forks from dust, water, mud and foreign objects that could, in critical and severe conditions, compromise the operation of the suspension oil seals and generate leaks leading to inefficiency of your forks.

The upper part of the Forksaver is made of a high-resistance elastic with a conical profile. Internally they are coated with silicone strips that guarantee perfect adherence and sealing. The lower part is built with a highly resistant and smooth material. On the brake side the sleeve is fitted with an elastic that prevents it from being pinched by the brake disc during heavy use. The lower seal is guaranteed by an O-ring that allows moisture to drain.

Forksaver is easy to install and built with high resistance waterproof materials that guarantee the suspension oil seals a longer life and efficiency over time.

A practical, effective, light and compact accessory that cannot be missing from our “on-board equipment”.

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