Fork Service Kit (SKF HD), KYB 48mm


Fork Service Kit (SKF HD), KYB 48mm

2 x Outer bushing
2 x Inner bushing

SKF advantages:
• Compatible with a wide range of original equipment and aftermarket oils
• Increased seal life and performance
• Enhanced water and dirt protection
• Capable of withstanding uv light
• Maintains low and constant friction in operation
• Reduced wear and air suction
• Wide range of sizes to fit most applications
• The design characteristics of the fork seal kit allow for dynamic sealing abilities:
• The kit is comprised of a dust scraper and an oil seal
• The dust scraper is the first guard against dirt entering the fork and contaminating the other components in the fork
• The oil seal prevents oil from exiting the fork
• A heavy duty version of the kit is available using dust scraper with a dual lip design that creates a further labyrinth to trap dirt from reaching the oil seal
• Developed to specific customer requirements, these seals can withstand:
• Long stroke and high speed
• Contaminated operating conditions


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