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Simply things are always the best and for this reason we have thought to create our NEW XR Kit, which is the first bladder kit with SPECIFIC VALVING ICLUDED, to upgrade the WP Xact CC 2024 and KYB front fork!

And as you perfectly know the bladder system is the most sensitive and is simple and easy to install.


This new kit, based on bladder system, is very innovative for different reasons:

  • Makes the front fork considerably sensitive and soft;
  • Gives definitely more feeling at all speeds;
  • Specific valving included;
  • Simply preload up to 6mm;
  • fast spring preload – 1 click = 1mm and you can have at max 6 clicks;
  •  bladder system ;
  • Very easy to install;
  • Made with the best aeronautics aluminium alloys;
  • hard anodizing ;
  • easy retrofittable to original suspension;
  • For KYB front fork with rebound piston of 24mm diameter.

Why choose XR Kit?

Because it is the first kit with a bladder system and we perfectly know that this system works excellent! So simply changing some parts, your front fork will be amazing and to ride has never been so fun!

Extremely recommended for enduro, hard enduro, super enduro!

For which model of front fork is available?

XR Kit is available for WP XACT CC ENDURO 2024 and KYB with rebound piston of 24mm.

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