Coolride – Power control unit PCU-5

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  • 5-step, digital power control unit for our grip heating systems and other warming equipment.Puristic control concept, a single button activates the device and alters power levels. Power level indicated by bargraph display. The power control unit works with all common hot grips. Extremely high power rating of 180W @ 12V resp. 216W @ 14,4V. This is more than enough to supply 2 of our grip heating systems in parallel or a complete electrically heated rider suit.

    This unique product represents our complete Know-How in the field of electric warming equipment for motorcycles. We have managed to transfer the philosophy without compromise of our heating cartridges on electronic power controllers, too. Designed & manufactured by company Coolride GmbH in Solingen/Germany.

    Top Features

    • Power rating up to 180W @ 12V resp. 216W @ 14,4V
    • For our grip heating systems, hot grips, heated powersports gear, heated seats and more
    • Variable pre-heating phase (0-15 min 100% power)
    • Memory feature saves setting from last ride
    • Premium look through anodized aluminium + laser engraving
    • Discrete & elegant bargraph display

    Further Features

    • High-grade black cable, flexible even at low temperatures
    • Bargraph display adopts to slightly curved shapes
    • Pushbutton and bargraph display can be displaced by connectors
    • Waterproof according to IP67 (except for power outlets)
    • Modular concept, replace pushbutton against touch sensor at any time
    • Protected against wrong polarity of supply leads
    • Excellent EMI compatibility, reliable operation also on problematic bikes
    • Easy installation and control
    • 5 Years warranty!
    • Save money when ordering PCU-5 directly with our heating cartridges as Grip Heating Deluxe

    About the Options

    Control / mounting: Our power control units come with a waterproof (IP67) push button for panel mounting. This requires a 12mm bore hole in the motorcycle’s fairing or cockpit.
    For naked bikes we recommend our Holder Kit, with which the pushbutton can be attached to the mirror terminal or clutch lever.

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